"HELL IS Truly , I WENT THERE": Testimony of Jennifer Perez

On the age of 15, Jennifer Perez skilled an out-of-this international occasion that modified her lifestyles forever—she went to Heaven and Hell. Jennifer became raised in a Christian kinfolk, however like so much Christian young people, she rebelled opposed to her mum and dad and “left the manner of the Lord”. She had ungodly visitors who taught her how one can drink and do medicine. Jennifer admitted that at a tender age she obtained hooked on medicinal drugs.

“I notion I used to be a Christian, and i might convey my associates to be Christians. However rather, they introduced me to come back out into the area. I used to be being rebellious to my mothers and fathers, and so they idea it became simply a thing youngsters plow through. However genuinely, it changed into what the medication made me do. Evil spirits acquired into me, that used to be after i was once being rebellious to them." She spoke of

One night time, she snuck out with a set buddies. To make the lengthy tale quick, one male chum had tricked her into taking a gigantic volume of gear, which brought about her to go out. Had it now not had been for the police, Jennifer would’ve been raped by using her so also known as chum. Jennifer become rushed to a health facility, and it turned into there that she noticed heaven and hell. We pick out up the testimony at that time now ....

OUT OF THE Physique

“When I'll see, I felt my spirit pop out of my physique. I used to be already on the medical institution; I noticed the medical doctors and nurses throughout me. After i changed into out of my physique, I observed my frame at the mattress. You understand how you look into your self inside the replicate, you notice a mirrored image. However I did not see a mirrored image of myself, I noticed my physique there at the mattress. After i rotated, there have been 2 guys wearing crimson, "come our approach" and so they grabbed me, one at both arm.

They took me to an area, and once i seemed to determine in which I used to be, it became heaven! First thing that I noticed was once an important extensive wall. It become white and stretched out to date that it did not have any stop. In the course of the wall was once a door, an extended door, but it surely became closed.

Exact beside the door, there has been a sizable chair, and there has been a smaller chair at the excellent area. And so they appeared like they had been made from gold. On my exact facet, there has been a enormous black door, it used to be so darkish round, however I knew it was once a door due to knob. It turned into an unsightly door. Yet on my left part there has been a paradise, there have been bushes, a crystal clean water fall, and grass. It turned into this type of peaceable area.

I seemed and that i observed the daddy in entrance of me, I could not see His face, considering the fact that His glory, it used to be so tremendous, so shiny, it shined and lit up all heaven. His glory made every little thing brilliant. There has been no solar, no moon, no stars, He turned into the sunshine. I did see His frame, and his frame changed into with the Son, they have been one inner one another, they had been collectively, one could see the separation of them, yet they had been one in the different, they have been in combination.

Accurate beside them had been 2 angels, Gabriel and Michael. The rationale I knew their call became as it changed into written on their foreheads in Gold.

After i became in the front of the daddy, I felt grimy! I fell to my knees and cried. I used to be very ashamed of myself. However I may see their faces, I did not need to, when you consider that I used to be ashamed of myself. As I used to be there in the front of the Lord, He confirmed me a film of my lifestyles, from the start previously. He informed me that an important side was once the matters that I did once i used to be stored. I instructed my associates I used to be a Christian, yet if truth be told I did not prove my end result. And He advised me that I used to be destined to visit Hell.

The angel Gabriel got here and grabbed me with the aid of my arm. He took me to that unsightly black door that I did not even like to have a look at. I attempted to prevent myself, yet I used to be in spirit, and we went in the course of the door. Once i changed into at the different part of the door, it become darkish throughout, I could not even see myself. Then we began to fall easily quick, like a curler coaster. As I used to be falling it turned into getting warmer and warmer. I closed my eyes; I did not desire to see the place we had been.

Once we stopped, I opened my eyes, and that i used to be status on a superb highway. I did not realize the place it ends in. However the the very first thing that I felt there has been thirst. I used to be awfully thirsty! I stored telling the angel "I am thirsty, I am thirsty" Nonetheless it become like he did not even pay attention me. I began to cry, and while the tears ran down my cheeks, they absolutely evaporated. There has been the scent of sulfur, like burning tires. I attempted to hide my nostril, yet that made it even worse. All my five senses have been very touchy. After i attempted to hide myself, I'll odor the sulfur much more. Additionally, all these little hairs on my hands, they simply disappeared. I felt the complete warmness, it became Extremely popular !!

After i began hunting round, I observed other people being plagued by demons. There has been a woman there discomfort, a demon was once torturing her. This demon would narrow off her head and together with his lengthy spear he could stab her anywhere. He failed to care. In her eyes, in her physique, in her ft, in her arms, he did not care. Then he may positioned her head returned on her frame and might stab her and stab her. She could cry with screams of suffering.

Then I noticed yet one more demon, this demon changed into torturing a tender guy concerning the age of 21-23. This guy had a sequence round his neck, and changed into status in entrance of a pit of fireside. This demon might stab him anywhere with an extended spear, in his eyes, all over the place. Then the demon may clutch him with the aid of his hair and with the chains he could throw this guy into this pit of fireplace, then take him to come back out and may stab him and stab him. This will likely pass on continuously, and each time he might cross interior that pit, I could not pay attention his screams, but if the demon might take him out, he might scream with anguish. I attempted to hide my ears for the reason that sound turned into so terrible, however I'll nonetheless pay attention. My listening to became extra delicate.

I checked out one more demon, and this demon was once unpleasant, the opposite 2 have been unsightly to, however this one changed into the ugliest. He had features of a variety of animals; I am unable to even provide an explanation for it with phrases. He could cross round and scare of us, and the folk can be awfully scared.

After which I noticed some other demon, however this demon changed into a phenomenal demon, he gave the look of an angel of God, however he wasn't. The adaptation among the angels of God and the demons changed into that the demon didn't have their identify written on their brow with Gold, however the angels of God did.

After that, I appeared lower back on the angel Gabriel, and he was once wanting up. I assumed he did not want to peer the others being tortured. I presumed to myself, "why is he nonetheless right here? Should not I guess to be there awaiting my flip to be tortured?" I used to be additionally thirsty. And that i cried out to the angel, "I am thirsty I am thirsty," I suspect he heard me considering the fact that he appeared down on me; and he stated, "the Lord goes to offer you an extra opportunity."

Instantly whilst he referred to that, all my thirst, all my suffering, all my hurting, it simply went away. I felt peaceable. After which he grabbed me by using my hand and we had been approximately to upward push, yet unexpectedly I heard my identify being often called, "Jennifer, Assist me, Aid me!" I seemed down. I wished to look who it became, but if I did the flames blocked their face. It gave the impression of a lady's voice. I may handiest see her palms stretched out, sought after me to assist her. I had one of these prefer, one of these need to support her. After i attempted, I could not, in view that my hand went throughout hers. I needed to assist her loads, however you notice, she did not have any wish. I could not aid her.

After which I seemed round and that i noticed my guests, people who I knew, and folks. They regarded wide-spread however I did not realize who they had been. I did not realize their lives, but if I observed neighbors from my institution there, it damage me!. I assumed to myself, "perhaps the horrific testimony that I used to be giving them, of claiming that I used to be a Christian however turning returned, made them now not need to know approximately God, and switch faraway from Him. Perchance it used to be me that delivered them their". That is what I believed. I observed that during Hell there is no such thing as a time, there isn't a earlier, gift, long run, the whole thing is identical, and they're destined to move there. Yet like I pointed out at the start, I do not intend to make up any doctrine, yet that's what I noticed their. The folks that I observed there are nevertheless alive in the present day.

Then the angel took me lower back into the presence of God. After i was once status in the past Him I used to be on my knees crying and crying. I nonetheless did not want to search upon His face, due to the fact I used to be ashamed of myself. However the Lord, with such sweetness in His voice spoke of, "I really like you." His love is rather like He loves you who're taking note of me. However He informed it on to me. He observed He forgave me for every thing that I've executed once i indignant Him. He forgave me.

God checked out me and He confirmed me many stuff. He confirmed me the realm, the earth. Round the earth I observed a thing smooth, just like the ozone layer, it changed into world wide, it seemed very gentle, and that i had one of these wish to contact it. After i touched it, I noticed it turned into the Holy Spirit, as it baptized me, and that i started to talk in different tongues.

All through that point, I appeared up and lots evil spirits got here out of me. After i could get prime and do medicines, that may mess with my thoughts and may open doorways, and those evil spirits could come into me. They'd torture me. The way in which that I'd act used to be probably not me, it became the evil spirits inside me. Inside the Phrase of God it says that once your private home is wiped clean, evil spirits might try and come again by way of bringing 7 different evil spirits. My space become wiped clean after i obtained kept. And that i noticed those evil spirits after i become being baptized, they've got 7, and people produce other 7, and people had different 7, and that i could not even remember all of them! However the Lord wiped clean me of all these evil spirits.

He additionally confirmed me the long run. He confirmed me the Earth and the way matters have been going to manifest, routine that have been going to take place. The imaginative and prescient I used to be given was once from now unless rapture. He did not tutor me the rapture, however He confirmed me the matters that had been going to show up formerly that. Day-after-day we're getting nearer and nearer, and i am telling you that the rapture is close! You might want to ponder your self, your existence, and wonder, "am I able to select the Lord?" The Lord confirmed me this, however He instructed me to not inform everyone, yet to attend and spot that the tip is close, I do not are looking to tempt God, that's the reason I should not let you know what I observed. However I'm telling you and caution you that the Rapture is close to.

I learn in Joel 2:28, that's probably the most remaining prophecies, and that i inform you now it really is it being fulfilled. Many youngsters are increasing up and preaching the Note of God. The satan desires to make a military of children, however the Lord is extra valuable. And while you enormously take delivery of the Lord and wish to serve Him, He'll provde the force to triumph over the satan, so that you can hold forth the observe everywhere in the international, kind of like He commanded within the Bible.


He instructed me that I had a venture, and this challenge used to be to inform the complete teens approximately my imaginative and prescient. Besides the fact that I do not wish to try this, it is a commandment that the Lord gave me, and that i will accomplished it.

After i went returned to my frame, I awoke and located myself inside the Medical institution. I regarded round and observed needles in my palms, issues checking my coronary heart, tubes. Quickly my folks walked in and that i commenced crying. They regarded very mad, however the Lord advised me to inform them all the things, and that is what I did. I informed them the whole thing.
While the nurse walked in, she instructed us they have been very fearful approximately me. She mentioned I'd go away after which get back, then go away and are available returned. I would be subconscious then aware once again. This took place 3 times. They stated that a kind of occasions, I did not are looking to come again, they usually had been fearful approximately me. Additionally they talked about that foam could pop out of my mouth, and that i could blabber phrases that they did not even realise.


Every week later we talked to the detectives, and so they advised us approximately that night time. While the police went to enquire, my buddy's automotive become parked in every other spot, so that they did not realize the place she turned into. We had been at the second surface within the nook room. Once they knocked on our door, they opened the door and observed me at the surface. Yet then they left. My so known as associates notion that the police left for sensible, however definitely they left to get an ambulance. Quickly different police got here up there to peer what become taking place. After they opened the door, at that second, my buddy, the only I used to be chatting with, the only I relied on, he was once on the level of raping me. However the Lord used the police to prevent all that, and so they failed to do some thing to me. For this reason I thank the Lord, in view that He had mercy on me.


And in addition the prayers of my mothers and fathers, I am speaking to you mom and dad. Do not ever give up praying on your boy or girl. In the event that they are not on foot with the Lord, carry on praying for them, on no account quit. My mum and dad not at all gave up, and seem wherein I'm now, preaching the Observe of God; telling children to return serve God, when you consider that they want Him.

Read Your self

And that i like to deliver a message to your complete youngsters, I would like you to think about your self, reflect on your self. Assume, why must I care what someone says approximately me. I used to consider what folks would say approximately me, however now I remember the fact that they do not even care approximately me. They're not going to be there while the Lord is ideal in the front of me. I matter once i turned into in the front of the Lord, my family member were not there to aid me, my spouse and children wasn't there to aid me, my pastor, the church wasn't there to assist me. I used to be there alone, and that i needed to secure myself. In the front of Him you cannot lie, due to the fact He's so holy. And after i become there I did not experience like I belong there, as a result of I used to be in sin and in Heaven that is holy.

I advised you in the present day that while you have not generic the Lord Jesus, to just accept Him nowadays. It is the largest choice for your complete existence. I am not telling you all this to scare you into Heaven, yet so that you can see the mercy, the affection that He has for us. He the daddy, despatched His Son to die for us. So both little drop of blood that changed into shed might forgive all of our sins. For you to receive the Lord, it's the important determination for your existence. Come to the Lord, do not care what all and sundry else says approximately you.

That allows you to serve the Lord, then do it with all of your middle, do not simply say it together with your mouth, say it along with your center and brain. Don't be concerned in regards to the destiny, complication approximately this present day, you not at all realize if you are going to die. I am best 15 years ancient and in my thoughts I on no account inspiration that I used to be going to die at 15, not ever.

However it is advisable to place confidence in that. My lifestyles is never mine, your existence is not very yours, we're borrowing our lives, our lives belong to God. We make the most this by way of no longer being concerned, by way of going into the area, through doing the matters of the sector. The area has many stuff to supply, however be counted God has much more matters to supply. The area has hell and loss of life, however God has everlasting lifestyles. Everlasting lifestyles is perpetually.


Quickly so one can be given the lord, I would like you to bow your head and shut your eyes, "Lord God, inside the call of Jesus I come to You, O my Lord God at this second I would like to just accept You as my Savior, I would like You to come back to my lifestyles. Just like the sister referred to approximately her testimony that Hell is truly, she turned into there. Lord God, I do not like to cross there, I do not even are looking to give some thought to going there. Lord God I ask You to forgive me for your entire sins I even have devoted. Forgive me for the whole thing that I've performed. Each little mystery sin, my Lord God, I demonstrate them to You, so please forgive me for all that. Lord God I feel that you simply died at the go and that Your rose from the useless. I think that you'll come into my center and that you are going to reign in my middle, and be in my center. I'm able to learn Your phrase, and that i would be extra within the Notice. I'm going to visit Church, my Lord God as a result of I do know that you're there at Church. You reported that once two or 3 are amassed in combination, You might be there. My Lord God I would like to be the place You're. I pray all this in Jesus call, Amen"

That's crucial choice that you're going to ever make so do not reap the benefits of it. Do not return into the area. The area ends in demise, however God ends in everlasting lifestyles. At every second you might want to reside find it irresistible is the final day, and the remaining time of your lifestyles. If this testimony has touched your coronary heart, supply it to a chum, in order that they can also take delivery of God into their center. Do not permit this time simply move by way of, since this may be your closing time.