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SANDRA Testimonies EPISODE five
At some stage in d nite Dapo wad wondering his head,he be counted hw he met Sandra his come upon together with her nd hw d come across later bring about d feeling he had in opposition t her,his days together with her nd hw he finally get married to her,bt who will suppose his day historical marriage is already in trouble,amidst his conception Sandra faucet him
Sandra:ur dad simply which is called he referred to he wish u at d place of work
Dapo:bt inform me why did u drag me to dis
Sandra:i informed mother desires me to get married through strength
Dapo:bt why wont u supply ur coronary heart to a person
Sandra:i informed u i hate guys,in addition i dont wish to b rule with the aid of any one
Dapo:wide-spread bt as a minimum am ur husband permit me think u
Sandra:i acquired no time for u dis morning whats up
Sandra depart d room,nd Dapo visit d bathing room,he clean up nd prepare for place of job,while come down he became startled,d entire home is a multitude,nd no breakfast us made,he additionally see a notice on d desk "sleepyhead am already at d side road,will b again at nite do continue to be supper for me SANDRA".
nxt Dapo knw his frame bcum warm,he start to ave headache nd for 5mins many tins is jogging un his head,at d give up he positioned d dwelling so as,organize breakfast,he devour nd visit paintings. At d administrative center his father give up d total agency to him,as his wedding ceremony present,Dapo used to be hapi BT inward it become sometin else,his father visit his homestead and Dapo start off his paintings,he glance to d record and each different tin,at d nighttime he head domicile,nd once more met Sandra absence,he train his supper nd devour his very own,he did all different tins nd he sit down to look at t.v until eventually nine:00,he even slept nd it used to be Sandra yelk dat wake him,he open d door nd Sandra are available in costume as a biker,Dapo made to kiss her bt she sidestep him mini wedding dresses
Dapo:so i cant contact u in any respect
Sandra:yea,nd if u avert going like dis i am going to go away
Dapo:k sori,in which ave u been
Sandra:out in d side road,did u left me a few nutrition am famished
Dapo:examine d kitchen,am off to mattress
Dapo visit d room to sleep,he be expecting Sandra to come back in to no sucess,he sleep off on his very own. Bt heart of d nite Dapo awaken,he became listening to noise like pple in birthday party,he come down and discover it became Sandra,she had empty d mini bar in d space,d desk is filled with wine bottle,anoda bottle can also be at Sandra hand and he or she used to be dancing to Alicia Keys track,as she used to be dancing she used to be additionally yelling on ideal of her voice like she is in a celebration,Dapo take a look at her nd sit down at d stairs with a crimson nd tearful eyes,he get offended nd rate at her BT Sandra used to be simply in a celebration temper she became useless inebriated

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