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WHAT A Lifestyles
Episode nine
A month later, after a few threats from Mama Eno to take in the problem with suitable experts, and disrupt his mother’s political ambition, coupled with the stress from his father, Dozie succumbed into accepting the being pregnant.
Dozie: “Mum, I'm simply accepting this association since you have insisted on saving the face of this loved ones from needless exposure else I might have insisted on us going for a paternity examine to make a decision the landlord of her pregnancy”.
Mama Dozie: “Please, my son. Do just this for me, I don’t favor the rest that can deliver useless cognizance to this own family. After she provides start, we will opt for a DNA check and then we can quietly ship her away if the newborn isn't yours. While you ask for paternity look at various to see the landlord of the being pregnant now, her mom will say you were given her daughter pregnant and since we're wealthy we paid the medical institution to falsify the outcomes in our favour, formerly you already know, the click would be interested and those will put out of your mind their complications and begin gossiping with our call up and down. Which can destroy my political ambition for life”.
For the sake of the affection he has for his family unit, he had sacrificed his long run and married her quietly with none exposure. He changed into provide albeit reluctantly on the association which became accomplished in her mother’s area with simply 4 members of the family in attendance. At some point of the day, he had stayed clear of her up to he should and once the every little thing was once over, he had pushed dwelling forgetting that he turned into to depart along with his bride as a pair. He rushed to his home and grabbed a can of Black Bullet drink, the purpose become to intoxicate himself in order that he may want to forget about all concerning the happenings of the day. An hour later, his dad and mom drove in observed through Eno, his intended spouse. mother wedding
Baba Dozie: “Why did that you must rush domestic with no anticipating your spouse? Don’t you already know that you're presupposed to get back mutually as newlyweds? And to feel that no person noticed you permit the venue, we have been busy in quest of you everywhere”.
Dozie: “My spouse? Which spouse are you conversing approximately right here?” he attempted to stand up however staggered and fell at the chair for he became under the influence of alcohol.
Mama Dozie: “You had been consuming once again. What the hell is inaccurate with you? How will you get inebriated at the day you obtain married? What kind of first influence are you giving for your spouse?”
Dozie: “Which spouse? I don’t need to listen that be aware round me once again. If any of you mentions spouse round the following, I'm going to simply run distant to a spot wherein you could not ever discover me”. He screamed.
Baba Dozie: “It is fine, my pricey. Allow us to visit our space and depart the couple by myself. I'm yes they may take care of this superior as husband and wife”. He reported to his spouse.
They became again and drove lower back to their dwelling leaving Eno who become battling her field of garments in the back of.
Eno stood instant in which she changed into status beforehand his oldsters left for greater than 10 mins. 4 instances she stole glances on the guy whom she simply married or even regardless that they usual eye touch, he didn’t even well known her presence. Worn-out, she moved near and sat down beside him at the identical settee.
“Get your filthy ass from my chair!” Dozie barked inflicting her to leap up with fright.
Eno: “I…I am sorry, I handiest desired to take a seat as regards to you”. She closed her mouth while she seen that he wasn’t even being attentive to her.
She remained status and after a few mins, she summoned adequate braveness and sat at the chair contrary him together with her field of material mendacity beside her. Exhausted from the wedding tension, she fell asleep there at the settee.
Samantha attempted to get throughout to Dozie yet he refused to pick out her calls and after a few days, he switched off his telephones and went off social media. Worn out from hearing the pc voice telling her that his variety is switched off, she determined to pay him a trip. She bought to his own family condo and the safety guy recommended her that he had sooner or later moved in to his home.
Jonny: “Madam, oga Dozie don pack commot from this condominium kpatakpata o, na him space wey dey Garki vicinity eight him dey live now”.
Samantha: “Dozie packed out and he didn’t inform me? I assumed he pointed out he's going to name me lower back the ultimate time I used to be right here. Did you know why he needed to transfer out in the sort of hurry?”
Jonny: “I no comprehend o, yet when you consider that that female wey get extensive bakasi and her daughter come right here, na so so argument oga Dozie and him mom and dad dey inside”.
Samantha: “Who? You suggest Eno and her mom?”
Jonny: “Exactly. Na Eno I listen them name her that day. My sister, that mama Eno get giant in the back of no be small, she push me together with her lower back, I almost jam wall”.
He stopped conversing whilst he noticed that Samantha had entered her automobile and changed into using to come back.
Jonny: “Aunty, you don dey move be that? You no move even deliver me whatever thing to take purchase a thing cool throat nowadays? Na wa, this recession attain your facet too?”
Samantha drove to Eno’s home in deep stories. She changed into brooding about what Jonny intended by means of pronouncing that Eno and her mom have been in Dozie’s apartment a few instances to make bother. “Could this be the explanation why Eno has refused to go to me or elect my calls in this day and age? Yet she instructed me she was once traveling to Dubai for the weekend now?”
She drove to Eno’s condo and while she were given to the compound and met two folks who had been dressed as in in the event that they got here for an party. She requested what turned into going on and even though she became anticipating a solution, Eno’s mom got here down from upstairs.
Mama Eno: “Samantha, you're the following, we had been waiting for you to come back in and be along with your chum on account that morning. I don’t even understand the type of company that my daughter has, none of that you could even come for her”.
Samantha: “I don’t get you, ma. What are you speaking approximately?”
Mama Eno: “Oh original, Samantha. I do know it's miles painful yet you will have simply to settle for whatever thing passed off in decent religion. Fate can't be altered”.
Samantha: “Please mum the place is Eno? I truly have to consult her, its urgent”.
Mama Eno: “She is in her husband’s house”.
Samantha attempted her optimum to curtail her surprise on the indisputable fact that Eno were given married with out inviting her. She drove at once to the cope with Mama Eno gladly supplied as Eno’s husband’s condominium.
Mama Eno: “The formerly she is familiar with the fact, the easier. I need her to enable pass of all of the love that she has for my son in rules. Nonsense lady!” she suggested whilst Samantha drove away.
Eno changed into at the couch she slept off on whilst she heard a knock. Promptly, she received and made for the door considering it was once a number of of Dozie’s family member who had come to pray them a cheerful married lifestyles. She opened the door and became bowled over to determine Samantha status on the door.
Eno: “You? What are you doing right here? I imply how were you aware that i'm the following?”
Samantha: “It is a small global, Eno. Is that this the Dubai you talked about you have been going to for the weekend?”
Eno: “And what's that alleged to imply?”
Samantha: “So you bought married and also you didn’t inform me? What have been you afraid off? That I'm able to seduce your boyfriend simply how you seduced my guy?”
Eno: “And why will have to I invite you to my marriage ceremony or offer you information about my whereabouts? Are you a tracking spirit now or what?”
Samantha: “Why it's essential invite me on your marriage ceremony? Since you are meant to be my ally. Simply because I inform you every little thing approximately me and so I don't anticipate that you may conceal the rest from me. On the grounds that I really like you an identical manner I might love my sister. Considering we've come a ways. Because…”
Eno: “Just reduce it brief there, Samantha. In view that, on account that, due to the fact. Owing to what? Pay attention I simply acquired married and we're imagined to be in there taking part in our honeymoon ahead of your knock interrupted us”.
Samantha: “What has come over you, Eno. You've been behaving surprisingly nowadays. That's the way you will reduce to rubble after which one can come and begin begging me to forgive you. A similar factor you probably did all over my marriage ceremony and now…”
Eno: “I see that you've now not gotten over the truth that you had been ditched with the aid of Dozie to your marriage ceremony day. Effectively, how is that my fault? Did I ask him to ditch you? The man observed that i'm higher than you in all the things and that turned into why he chosed me over you, who no value more highly aspect? Abegi”
Samantha: “Alright then, am i able to not less than meet your husband and congratulate him? At the least we're nonetheless chums exact?”
Eno: “Now you're conversing. Best that my husband is not very at domicile precise now”.
Samantha: “Really? I presumed you suggested you had been playing your honeymoon formerly I knocked, how comes he's without notice now not at domestic anymore?”
Eno: “Yes, I imply no. surely, why am I answering you? Please, come and be going, I'm uninterested in status and answering your questions, It's not that i am your affected person on your hospital”.
Emilly: “You are asking me to go away your compound with no even inviting me within your place?”
Eno: “Yes o. Come and depart. Abeg which sort hardship be this? Hian! Come dey cross, na. I'm a married female now and that i don’t would like neighbors round me on the grounds that I don’t agree with visitors, what you've got this day are pleasant enemies in every single place. They are going to be guffawing with you and but flip round to stab you. I can’t chance any of my buddies coming with reference to my guy, I'm going simply wound person”.
“Okay, then. I assume I'm the idiot for no longer understanding there's something often called pleasant enemies. if I knew, I wouldn’t have even considered the usage of you as my maid of honour after i desired to get married. Each of the identical, I'm wiser now and that i desire you your entire pleasure and success that marriage brings”. Samantha changed into approximately to show while Dozie who heard voices in his sleep walked out.
“Dummy Eno, who're you speaking with? He requested as he walked out.
Samantha became while she heard his voice and it felt like time stood nonetheless as pressure installed among the 3 of them.