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12:33 AM - 7 Feb 2018
THREAD: How do Wernher Von Braun, Marvin The Martian, Old Rome, @elonmusk and Mars all tie jointly?
Buckle Up. Issues are approximately to get attention-grabbing.
# TheMarsMindMeld

eleven:21 PM - 6 Feb 2018
"[Von Braun] wrote a singular a few good sized eighties venture to colonize Mars which revealed that Mars become already inhabited via a complicated civilization and the chief of the Martian executive become given the name: Elon."
Von Braun initially wrote the e book in 1948 and it changed into “Das Marsprojekt” (The Mars Undertaking). It changed into then translated into English and revealed by using the School of Illinois in 1953.
*Wernher von Braun Novel Will have Anticipated Elon Musk …/wernher-von-braun-novel-ma…/
Coincidentally (adequate, not likely) 1948 changed into the 12 months Warner Brothers added Marvin The Martian, an alien from Mars, wearing a Roman Pretorian Maintain uniform, who has been attempting to ruin Earth for two,000 years.
Mars = Roman God of Battle
Appear, might be the creators of Looney Toons at Warner Brothers have been the originators of being “Meta” by way of having an alien from Mars dressed as a Roman soldier in tribute to Mars, the Roman God of Warfare.
Yet rattling, that’s a whole lot of theory into one individual.
Why that clarification looks to fall flat?
1947: Roswell incident.
1948: VB publishes Marsprojekt as fiction where he claims guy discovers that Mars is homestead to a sophisticated civ & ruler holds identify “Elon”. Warner Bros debuts Marvin “The Roman Praetorian Guard” Martian
Oh yeah, then there’s that entire deal of accurate physicists concluding that Mars was once decimated through nuclear warfare.
Then don’t forget about that @CIA become undertaking RV/Astral Projection Classes in 1984 with the reason to view Mars at ~one million B.C. (time relative to Earth) and the RV’er claims he sees a remnants of a civilization having taken shelter underneath floor of Mars. …/do…/CIA-RDP96-00788R001900760001-nine.pdf …
And ultimate, however by no means least, the structure of Historical Rome: - Laser precision stone masonry; and - Stones so heavy that no publicly general or purchasable era would pass those stones in to position if tried this present day. /thread
P.S. - “Musk advised Rolling Stone he located Asimov's paintings [The inspiration Novels] influential through its parallel to historian Edward Gibbon's 18th-century well-knownshows collection "The Background of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" as carried out "to a kind of recent galactic empire."

10:fifty six AM - 1 Feb 2018 …/pdfy-sRmXR7I7gg2jEQFd/Brandenburg_djvu.txt …
"Facts of an important Thermonuclear Explosion on Mars in past times, The Cydonian Speculation, and Fermi's Paradox"
Printed within the Magazine of Cosmology on eleven/20/14 through Dr. John Brandenburg of Morningstar Implemented Physics in Vienna, VA.
For everybody who turned into round right here once we dumped and defined the declassified Distant Viewing documents from CIA's Assignment Stargate, this could lend a hand to provide an explanation for why CIA used to be so closely invested in riding RV to check out and glimpse into historical prior of Mars. short wedding dresses 2018
Enjoying off this, we might motivate seeking into the tale of Boriska Kipriyanovich, a tender guy from Volgograd, Russia.
Many years of testimony from U.S. pilots and Minutemen operators show past an affordable doubt that somebody/anything has rendered ICBMs needless, as they both intercept and smash them midflight or quick-circuit all release structures prior to release.
Hawaii used to be no extraordinary.
"In precis, Mars has been stumbled on to had been the two the location of wise humanoid lifestyles and its catastrophic demise. This makes the cosmos equally extremely appealing and whole of caution."
"The face" on Mars exists and it is not the best one. @NASA made it theme to a a long time lengthy COINTEL operation to provide an explanation for it away as an anomaly thanks to tech problem on the time (nineteen seventies).
Do not forget that NASA seriously isn't a civilian employer. It's an appendage of USIC.
Dr. Brandenburg, on the cease of his paper, demands a direct project to Mars as a way to extra analyze the Cydonian vicinity and any old artifacts which continue to be.
The matter with Dr. Bradenburg's name to movement? He presumes that guy is not really already on Mars.
The best irony in modern day Astronomy...and technological know-how their overly trusting and confident predisposition.

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