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EPISODE thirteen

Sadiq knew Fatima so he made up our minds to aid us by using taking us to the two in 1 eating place. Fahad determined to power us there. I do know he accompanied us in order that i would possibly not do the rest razz. Yet i wasnt prepared to start out a battle together with her.

It took us approximately 5minutes to note her popping out. She wore a peach after costume and he or she's slender. Am a thick girl so in poor health name her narrow. she does not seem like the voice i heard at the telephone. She's no longer even a risk or really worth my time. She entered internal her venza and drove off to God understands the place.

"Now that you just disturbed us to come back right here what subsequent" fahad requested me

"Mtsw ina ruwanka. Shall we simply cross residence. I wished to work out the ant that used to be threatening me" i talked about preserving a directly face

"Otherwise you are jealous dai" they bust into laughter

"I dont like the sort of aspect. Walahi zan bata muku rai. Simply take me house"

Fahad drove us house and he went to drop sadiq.

I do not like an excessive amount of dilemma. I dont tolerate nonsense however i do not desire to intefer among fu'advert and Fatima's predicament. This is among them, but when she dares are available in the front of me to mention any garbage sai inda karfi na ya kare. In any case i certainly not talked about i liked him first

Later inside the night Fu'advert got here to peer me for the same old hira. Am able to blaster him and pour out all my anger on him.

As we have been gisting in entrance of the backyard. I made a decision to start out because he changed into diverting the most matter handy.

"Kasan Allah Fu'advert, what is wrong with Fatima. If you find yourself sending her to insult me ne ma. Inform her nafi karfinta. Enable me inform you whatever the subsequent time she attempts cross talk garbage to me its you sick come again to. In spite of everything i on no account noted i adored you"

He cuts me off along with his chortle

"I'm able to experience jealousy hajiya Farha, don't be concerned it wont repeat itself to come back and that i love you much more kinji my coronary heart"

I stored quiet out of shyness. I under no circumstances knew i will be able to be shy. What's this new feeling am feeling. I blanketed half my face with my viel and smiled.

After he performed teasing me and cheering me up he enable me cross domicile.

We complete dining with Amina and everybody used to be on her telephone on thier social networks. As soon as that is round 9pm every person receives on thier facet of the mattress on thier smartphone. I used to be scrolling on my Instagram and that i see Fardeen on Steverienz web page with a narrow female posing on thier pre marriage ceremony shoot. The caption observed "strength couple of november" I did not say some thing considering that am bound Amina and her extensive mouth could communicate.

"Farha family gani. Examine steve reinz web page abeg" she observed whereas hitting my leg.

"Nagani jare, fardeen ba" i instructed her

"See this idiot wo hahaha, his going to betray this bad lady. See how she's smiling wato taga Alhaji mai kudin duniya hahaha. May well Allah bless thier union shaaa. Permit me stalk this web page" she observed giggling.

"Baruwana Amina, simply enable them. I do know you could possibly get started commenting and inflicting limitation. In tayi tsami zamuji" i warned her

Fardeen is getting married in the end. I would not say am jealous daman i certainly not loved him. A husband mustn't brag to his spouse. He is not going to element hands at her. Am simply pronouncing however i suspect fardeen sai Hamdalah.


"Do you need to head out" Fahad requested me

"To wherein kuma, Fahad i believe we've got long gone spherical Abuja simply me and also you please take me abode" i instructed him.

I do not comprehend however those prior few days i've been transforming into with reference to Fahad to come back. However now its on loved one's point. He understands approximately Fu'advert and his cool approximately it so am additionally cool approximately him. He hasn't proven any more attention yet he is largely round and everybody is familiar with him at dwelling house even mummy calls him her son. I'm suprised his taking matters calmy and his now not jealous. He has even commenced relationship an individual so the entirety is ok.. wedding dress for big bust

"Allow's move house... I do know Fu'advert is coming lately. Earlier than he cuts off my head" he mentioned as he allow's out a snort and a sigh.

I dragged his ear and pronounced

"I actually have advised you to prevent teasing me Fahad. Am taking matters in point of fact sluggish with Fu'advert. So that you can end it with the teasing"

We laughed our means residence. I pay attention my smartphone ring and that i choose it up. +

"Hi there aunty Farha. True night time how is mummy" she spoke of along with her tiny voice

"She is ok ummi, how is umar and your own home. Kwana biyu you will have stopped coming domestic ko"

"Hmm aunty Farha. I've got a major query for you?. I've been experiencing ameliorations in my frame. I've been feeling ill and susceptible alot. I have not informed umar. I do know what one could say am pregnant. Allah am now not pregnant. Am coming dwelling house to look you the following day" she stated with a shaky voice.

"Hahaha see this woman more advantageous take a being pregnant take a look at fa. Or in the event you come the next day to come we'd pass and notice Physician Iman. Unwell e book an appointment along with her"


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