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Two Ghanaian lesbians marry in Holland...

It truly is Getting Critical In West Africa.

Because the dusts at the arguable legalization of homosexuality in Ghana turns out to have settled, an image has yet again resurrected the subject.

Portraits appearing but to be known Ghanaian lesbians tying the knot has long gone viral.

Unconfirmed studies means that both love birds were given married in a non-public rite in Holland.

One of several photographs tutor the girls superbly wearing Ghanaian made kente even though one other additionally reveal the women wearing their white wedding ceremony attire.
Many have criticised the women for embarrassing the the country exterior the shorelines of Ghana.

The dialogue on homosexuality was very trendy in recent years after president Akufo Addo in an interview with Al Jazeera information opined that Ghana could legalize homosexuality must always there be solid call for for it. western wedding